• Business Philosophy

        Crown Shin Intellectual Property Office was established to assist prospective and initiative entrepreneurs in Taiwan to form a knowledge-based economics group using Taiwan as an innovative, research and development center.

        In the past, small and medium enterprises in Taiwan have been working for others as ODM/OEM manufacturers for long, and are encountering difficult situations with severe competitions and a drastic change of the investment environment. Once being the world leading OEM manufacturer, Taiwan is replaced by other developing countries. Fortunately, Taiwan’s endurance in hard work as well as rapidly advancing technologies and refined products gain a decisive position and plays an important role in markets under the highly intensive competition of intellectual properties all over the world including the U.S., Europe, and Japan in recent two decades, and builds up a good reputation of “Made in Taiwan (MIT)”. src=/uploadfiles/image/a01.jpg
        Striding towards the 21st Century, Taiwan’s industries become unneglectable in various technological innovations as the high-tech research and development and the economic modes of production in foreign countries become matured gradually. How to maximize the utility of intellectual properties, protect R&D achievements, develop proprietary brand have become the core issues for the survival of the enterprises, and Taiwan’s achievements surpassing the U.S. and Europe can be expected soon.
        In the world full of cheatings and outwits, “Honesty and Trust” have become the most precious commitment in the world, and professional managers of “Crown Shin” base on years of experience in the intellectual property related field to provide clients new domestic and foreign intellectual property knowledge and inquiry services and positively assist clients to obtain patent protections from a macro prospective to assure a smooth operation and a successful local and foreign sale, and thus Crown Shin has gain good reputations and trusts from the industries. Our valued clients cover various businesses and industries and we have been focusing on the principle of providing services with team-work cooperation and professional division of labor for our projects, and thus have trained outstanding engineers and lawyers with different technical backgrounds and related industrial experiences. With our enthusiastic service attitude, professional analyses, and conscientious and careful case handling procedure, our office does not gain the word of mouth among clients only, but also continues leading the industry. We are at your service for local and foreign matters related to patent, trademark, copyright, tax, and business anytime and anywhere. Insisting on providing you the best professional service is always our way of caring about you.

        This office was established in 1996, and our clients that give us recognition and trust grow rapidly in these years. To provide a better quality of services and an excellent working environment, this office bought an office building and expanded our scale to attract more outstanding professionals, and the number of our employees has been increased from 5 or 6 to over 20, in hope of providing our client quick, effective and friendly services.


        In view of the urgent need for professional services in the field of intellectual properties, this office combines a group consisting of tens of government officials and experts of professional organizations into a team to complete your assignment effectively, positively and safely by the spirits of project-oriented team, group cooperation, and professional division of labor.

        In recent years, the trend of Taiwan’s industries migrating to the Mainland China, this office has set up a branch office in Shanghai in 2001 to expand and widen our scope of services, so as to reach out to provide prompt services and first-hand supports to our clients over there.

         Besides the offices in Taiwan and Mainland China, we also maintain a stable and long-term cooperative relationship with well-known law firms in Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Middle East to provide intellectual property and legal protections to global-view-and-local-touch clients in Taiwan.
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